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About Us

We produce over 5 million packs of hardware a year in our Packing and Distribution centre based in West Yorkshire, UK

The SECURIT® Pack is produced and distributed across the UK and Europe from our 50,000 Sq ft Distribution Centre in Brighouse, West Yorkshire. We are proud to employ over 50 full time staff that provide an excellent service to our Wholesale Customers.

The entire packaging process is done in our premises to ensure that quality hardware and the best fixings are packed together to enable the end user to get their DIY jobs done right. We believe our products to be of such quality that we provide a 5 Year mechanical Guarantee to all of our packs as standard and a 10 Year Guarantee to our Premier Range of Hardware.

We Supply the Independent Wholesaler

We have and always will support the traditional supply chain to ensure sustainability within the independent Wholesale and Retail market. We believe this to be our unique selling point and contributor to our success.

SECURIT® products are available to the independent retailer via our network of U.K. Wholesale stockists. To obtain details of the full SECURIT® range or your nearest stockist please contact us.

In 1976 the Prepack Trade was Booming!

The Hardware Trade in the 70’s was very traditional and in search for something new. Some hardware shopkeepers would be dressed in brown coats, climbing ladders to reach for individual hardware items like screws, brass hinges, or four candles. As the world was speeding up with technology and communication, so were people and their demand for quicker service. With all of this, came a quickly growing demand for prepacked hardware that would eliminate the need for the shopkeeper to serve each customer individually. The prepack included all fixings and could be displayed for the customer to self-serve, this was revolutionary.

Mike Smith, the founder of SECURIT® Hardware (M.P.Smith & Co.Ltd.) wanted to capitalise on this growing trend.


M.P.Smith & Co’s 1st Day of Trading was 5th January 1976 from a small rented ‘Nissen hut’ lock-up in Morley near Leeds and with limited start up funding for the new Import Venture, initial growth was slow. However Mike’s determination paid off as the orders started coming in for the prepacks that the industry was crying out for. Mike’s brother Dave became the first employee, followed shortly afterwards by Gloria (Mike’s future wife). In it’s infancy, the SECURIT® Range was all of 50 lines, but that was only the beginning.


After a couple of years of steady growth M.P.Smith & Co.Ltd. had expanded and more space was required, a move was made to Cross Lane in Bradford where the company remained for the next 15 years. SECURIT® Prepacked Hardware was now being supplied to Wholesalers all over the UK.


SECURIT® Prepacked Hardware was now a well established name in the Wholesale Trade, the range now was over 400 lines and counting. Demand had not faltered, fashions in Hardware were changing and the range had to keep up.


The staff count grew to 15 by the time we moved to our new 20,000 sqft premises in Brighouse in January 1993. The size of the SECURIT® Range had now grown to 800 lines of the best selling DIY Hardware Items, but the demand was still growing. With the addition of a new 10,000 sqft extension and purchase of Owler Ings Mill, the foundations were now laid for future growth.


Our growth continues to this day in our 50,000 square feet premises with over 50 full time employees. The range is now over 1,600 Lines and growing. With our commitment to support the traditional wholesale market and in turn the independent retailer and tradesman, MPS & Co. has become highly regarded and has gained an enviable reputation within our industry.